Meet Maria

“I have been an interior designer all of my life . . . just not always by profession.”



When Maria was a child, she learned a lot about interior design from her father, an avid DIY-er. From an early age, Maria was his design assistant. Throughout her childhood, Maria remembers painting ceilings, holding up wallpaper, scouring flea markets, and being amazed at how it all came together. Aside from the wallpaper glue and paint in her hair, she loved every minute of it.

In 2008, Maria followed her true passion, leaving her career as a registered nurse for the world of interior design. She received her degree as a professional interior designer and opened the doors to Maria Causey Interior Design, a residential and commercial interior design firm in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.

Because of her dad, Maria has been given a gift. She can walk into a room, an office, or a spa, and just know how she would make it better. She is thrilled to be able to fulfill her dream and to share her expertise with you!


“I love it when my clients say, ‘I never would have thought of that!'”