Kitchen and Bath Design

At Maria Causey Interior Design, you provide the inspiration, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll create a new kitchen, bath or master suite filled with all your favorite textures, materials and colors — the perfect blend of beauty and functionality to suit your lifestyle. Any kitchen or bath project requires a multitude of decisions based on the availability of thousands of finishes, appliances and fixtures. Trying to face the process alone, or with the well-meaning advice of shop asistants, friends or family can be a fast track to frustration, exhaustion and an empty wallet. Our skilled design eye takes the stress out of the selection process and ensures a consistent flow from one space to the next.

Kitchen Design

Maria Causey Interior Design transforms desperate kitchens into bold conversation starters. As seasoned kitchen designers and remodeling experts, we will craft a space that invites social gathering but also flows around your cooking and food preparation needs. Not only will a new kitchen design “wow” your guests and enhance your cooking enjoyment, but it will greatly improve the value of your home.

Kitchen projects are complex. Materials need to fit the budget, measurements must be accurate, orders are double-checked for correctness, everything has to be installed by licensed and trustworthy professionals, and the project should come together in a timely manner. Maria Causey Interior Design helps clients see the possibilities within their kitchen space – both large and small!

Types of kitchen design styles include:
•Traditional –
Raised panels, elaborate profiles, ornamental crown molding, classic colors, natural materials, detailed craftsmanship, traditional lighting
•Modern – Flat-panel door style, frameless full-overlay cabinets, sleek and simple hardware, lack of ornamentation, industrial elements, horizontal lines
•Contemporary – Cutting-edge appliances, repurposed materials, extensive use of pattern, a mix of materials, shapes, and scale
•Transitional – A blend of traditional and modern styles with simple profiles, little ornamentation, neutral color palettes, mix of natural and manufactured materials, clean lines, traditional or modern lighting
•Classic – Black and white or neutral color palette, simple architectural details, simple door and cabinetry styles, marble and granite stone

Bathroom Design

Did you know that the average American spends 1.5 years in the bathroom over the stretch of a lifetime? With so much time spent lingering in a bathroom, likely right after you awake and right before you go to bed, these private sanctuaries should inspire and set the tone for relaxation and repose.

Layout and Function

Bathrooms are more personal than kitchens, so our design process begins with asking the homeowner questions about their routine and privacy needs. From there, we ask you to think big. Looking to transform your master bathroom into a serene retreat? Do you dream of a bathtub that fits your entire family? What about a waterfall showerhead or hand shower or rainheads? Starting with your dream bathroom in mind helps us to scale back to what is doable within your budget and what makes sense for your life.


Of course we all have dreams, but reality lies within your budget. Whether you choose upscale or budget-chic, we’ll design a bathroom that fits within your means. We have access to the highest-end materials to budget-friendly yet aesthetically-pleasing design details.

Selection of Finishes

Maria Causey Interior Design guides clients in outfitting bathroom finishes with style so that tile schemes, tub, vanities, backsplashes, and faucets all complement each other beautifully and align with your personal style. We attend design conferences and bring some of the freshest bathroom design ideas and decorative elements into our clients’ homes.

Drawing inspiration from our clients and employing a combination of natural materials and modern design elements, Maria Causey Interior Design offers a broad range of distinctive bathroom remodel ideas. Our uniqueness stems from outside-the-box thinking and the ability to encompass every aspect of your personality, as well as any individual needs and wishes, for a final design that is truly yours in every way.

We can recommend highly experienced and dependable contractors and other professionals from our network. Many provide exclusive discounts to our clients.
We work with contractors to ensure that the execution of your bathroom matches its exquisite design.
Design elements that breathe life into bathrooms and create cohesive aesthetic include:

  • Overall color palettes
  • Flooring in tile, concrete, river stone, or hardwood floors
  • Countertops in stone like marble, granite, quartz, and more
  • Bathroom vanity cabinets in matte or high-gloss paint, veneers or euro laminates
  • Sinks – wall-mounted or built-in, round or rectangle
  • Lighting that recreates daylight or mimics a candlelight dinner
  • Showerheads that float in the center of the ceiling or detach as a hand-held faucet in brushed or polished nickel, matte gold and chrome
  • And everything in between!