2018 Living Room Trends

What is your favorite room in your home? For me, since it’s so cold outside, I would say the living room right now! As I mentioned in a previous blog, I love curling up on my sofa in a warm throw, in front of a fire, as I read my favorite book. If you are … Continue reading “2018 Living Room Trends”

Making Your Home More Cozy This Fall

Where is your favorite place to be during the cold fall months? For me, it’s in my home snuggled up on my favorite sofa in front of a warm fire. I find that as temperatures drop outside, adding some warmth to your home can help get you through the harshest winter months. Whether it’s little … Continue reading “Making Your Home More Cozy This Fall”

Top Design Trends for Fall

Do you ever find yourself searching the internet to find inspiration? I particularly enjoy Houzz, and posts about the newest trends at the High Point market. As you may know, the internet is filled with many great design ideas. It’s impossible to view them all, but sometimes certain things just catch your eye! Recently, I … Continue reading “Top Design Trends for Fall”

Beautiful Bathroom Design Trends

Today’s bathrooms can be so much more than a place to shower & brush your teeth. Your bathroom can be a sanctuary—a place to relax and unwind; a place where you can luxuriate in a bubble bath; and even a place where you can get away from the kids, if you need a few minutes … Continue reading “Beautiful Bathroom Design Trends”

Accent Wall Inspiration

We’ve all seen the Pinterest posts that stop us dead in our tracks. Ever notice a room with the most perfectly painted accent wall? Whether it’s a rustic reclaimed wood wall behind a headboard, or a dramatic stand-out wall in a dining room, accent wall nirvana can be achieved! How to choose your location Accent … Continue reading “Accent Wall Inspiration”

Travel-Inspired Design

Do you love to travel, but can’t get away as much as you would like? Mementos from some of our favorite trips can be the perfect inspiration for our home design. So can items that remind us of places we’ve dreamed of visiting. Here are some chic ideas that you can incorporate into a travel-inspired … Continue reading “Travel-Inspired Design”

Window Treatments- The Focal Point of a Room

Looking for a way to add visual warmth to a room? In my experience, adding the right window treatments can really impact the mood of a room. Colorful window treatments add visual interest, while patterned curtains can make a big splash. For a bold statement, I often use wallpaper and matching curtains, and decorative hardware … Continue reading “Window Treatments- The Focal Point of a Room”

The Best Summer Colors for Your Home

Wow, I can’t believe it’s summer already! The pastel pink peonies, light sandy beaches, and bright yellow sun shining on the water means summer colors are starting to pop-up everywhere. These is no reason not to surround yourself with the bright and light colors of summer, to add freshness and calmness to your home. From … Continue reading “The Best Summer Colors for Your Home”

What’s Trending in Kitchen Design?

When it comes to kitchen design, I am always looking for opportunities to use a variety of patterns, finishes and textures through the tile, cabinetry, countertops, lighting, plumbing fixtures and accessories, based on my client’s taste and preferences. In my opinion, mixing things up adds interest and character, and consequently, doing so aligns perfectly with … Continue reading “What’s Trending in Kitchen Design?”

Designers Bring More Than Just The “Beautiful”

I don’t know what you think of when you think of an interior designer, but most people picture someone who has great taste and knows how pick out pretty things. Well, creating beautiful, functional rooms requires that… and much more.  We designers have to know about building materials & their properties, paint finishes and uses, code and … Continue reading “Designers Bring More Than Just The “Beautiful””